My Story

Welcome to The Thirsty Tales!

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m based in Chicago.  As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with far away places and culture and feel most inspired when surrounded by nature.   I started The Thirsty Tales as a passion project to combine my love of travel and environmental policy.  I spent a number of years in the corporate marketing world which lead me to multiple overseas assignments, extensive global travel, and amazing  experiences with local colleagues across the world.

Having worked in the spirits industry (and whiskey in particular),  I saw firsthand the importance of quality ingredients (corn, barley, wheat) and access to clean water.    I also saw firsthand the impact extreme weather could have on the crops we relied on to make great whiskey.  With a deep concern for the direction of environmental policy,  I finally decided to exchange my office and commute for a camera, a computer, and an endless curiosity for the beauty of our planet and the changes it faces due to climate change.

My goal is to not only share the beauty of today’s world through the lens of nature, wildlife, architecture, and local food and drink traditions,  but to also tell it’s story with an eye towards the impact each of these will face in the future with a changing climate.   My hope is that it inspires others to travel to and visit these places or become more aware of the fragility of our global treasures.

I left a career in the global spirits business where my mission for many years had been  “to create new drinking occasions for the world”.  Now, I leave that to the local establishments I visit, to serve me up a sip I can enjoy at the end of each day of learning and exploring.


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